The Fox and The Crow

         An ugly black crow perched on the branch of a tree. she had stolen a tasty piece of cheese and was about to enjoy her meal.

         Just then, a hungry fox passed by and saw the food in the crow's beak. His mouth watered at the sight, so he thought of a clever plan to get the cheese for himself.

         looking up at the crow, he said, "I have always admired your beauty with your soft, shiny feathers and well-curved beak. If your voice is as fine as your looks, you could be the queen of the birds!"

         Now the crow wanted to be the queen. so, in oder to prove that she could sing, she opened her beak and made a loud,"caw!" The piece of cheese fell from her beak to the ground before she realized her mistake.

         As the fox sbatched up the cheese, he laughed, "My dear crow, your voice is fine, but your judgment is not! You shouldn't believe evrything hear