in love story "Naruto and Hinata"

Naruto was walking alone in the Konoha village, he saw Hinata and waved to her. Fortunately

Hinata turned around and walked over to him.

"Hey, Hinata, would you like to take a walk with me?" Naruto asked smilingly but Hinata blushed and looked down, quiet for a second.

"Hm? What's wrong?" Naruto ask looking at her.

"Oh! Um nothing Naruto kun. I... I love to.. walk with with you." Hinata said shyly.

placed his hands behind his head and smiled. Hinata walked

by him as
the two were silent for a moment. "Hinata, why are you so quiet all the
time?" Naruto broke the silent.

Hinata didnt answer, then hesitated, "....I.... I've... always... been... that way." She said softly.

see. You need to talk more-- how am I supposed to know more about you,
if you don't talk. You're always acting weird around me." Naruto pointed

Hinata looked at him shyly then looked down looking ashamed. "S.......sorry. I--"

"Hm?" Naruto replied not opening his mouth.

"I..... I y.. you!" She said finally committing her feelings. Her face blushed a deep red.

Naruto stopped walking. He didn't know what to say. Silence took ove the moment.

filled in Hinata's eyes "S-sorry!" She said in a quiet tone as she took
off running, ashamed. Tears flew from her eyes as she ran passed.

ran after her. But Hinata ran fast. Suddenly She tripped on a tree
stump. Her face implanted in the dirt, as her hands clenched the grass
and dirt. She sobbed quietly.

Naruto finally caught up to
her. He crouched down, placed his hand, shaking on Hinatas shoulder.
"Hinata... do... do you really like me?" He asked in his quiet tone.

Under her muffled crying voice, Hinata answered, "y...yes..."

Naruto didn't answer for a moment, then he replied, "Well... I have...feelings for you too.... I like you, Hinata"